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Web design, front-end development, e-commerce shop, content management systems, social networks, search engine optimization, web marketing, web analysis.

Digital art, photo retouch, image optimization, graphics, corporate identity, business cards, creative flyers, brand and logo design, photoshop works.

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Hey, my name is Valerio, I'm a freelance web designer and developeras well as an internet marketer. I'm open to any project but most of all I am a front end addicted. My skills vary from digital art to jquery libraries, from html5 to search engine optimization or from css3 to mysql databases.



CMS   Joomla / Wordpress / Others

Photoshop   Illustrator

SEO   Search Engine Optimization

PHP / Javascript

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I'm based in Italy at the moment, but I'm a globetrotter and whether you are my neighbor or you live on the other side of our planet, if you have internet access and speak english or italian then I could work for you.

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